So, you like anime and video games? Then we have the announcement for you: We’ll be showing off UNDR[H2O] at the GDEX Megabooth at Matsuricon later this month!

Held at the Columbus Convention Center, Matsuricon is Ohio’s premier event for Japanese pop-culture, including anime and gaming. Voice actors, cosplayers, and thousands of fans will congregate on August 24-26 for panels, competitions, and several other events.

At first glance, our game might seem out-of-place at at focused on Japanese content, but we’re not here on accident. For the second year in a row, Matsuricon is hosting a Megabooth for GDEX exhibitors, which gives attendees an awesome look at the local gaming scene in Columbus. We’ve exhibited at GDEX for a couple years now, and we were invited to participate in the Megabooth. Of course, we accepted the offer.

If you want to check out the progress on UNDR[H2O] or any of the other local games, here’s the GDEX Megabooth schedule:

Friday: 12pm to 6pm

Saturday: 10am to 7pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

If you plan on attending, you’ll be able to find us at at marker #3 on Hyatt Level 1, which is circled in red in the map below. For a bigger version of the map and all the details about the event, head to the Matsuricon website.

So, what exactly will we be showing off? Well, that’s a bit of a secret. We’ve made some adjustments and improvements since the last time we took UNDR[H2O] to a convention, so the game will be more stable, easier to play, and most of all, more fun. But don’t take our word for it: Come try it yourself next weekend!

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