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Bulk Dominoes VR: Kinetic Rush is now on Steam!

GuessworkVR’s first published game has finally hit Steam! Hop on your computer, dust off that PC VR headset (or Oculus link cable), and download Bulk Dominoes VR: Kinetic Rush!

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Friday Update: UNDR H2O Vertical Slice Reveal!

Hello Wannabe Plumbers, After five months and a handful of days, the UNDR H2O Vertical Slice Demo for the Oculus Launch Pad Program is finally complete! It took hundreds of hours, multiple revisions and quite a bit of delivery food in order for us to complete the vision we set out to create back in…

Friday Update: Open for Testing!

Hello friends and welcome to another Friday update! The past week has been a busy one for the team as we steer towards the final phase of our UNDR[H2O] Demo for Oculus Launch Pad. We’ve been flying through the final task lists, knocking out bugs left and right and getting in the last minute features…

Friday Update: 2021 is Finally Here!

Congratulations on making it to a new year! If you’re like any of us on the GuessworkVR team, you’re breathing a sigh of relief. If not, well, you probably realize that time is a human construct and a new year is just our way of determining the 0 degree point on our elliptical route around…


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