Good afternoon devoted followers!

We here at GuessworkVR hope you managed to get all of your holiday shopping done over the past few weeks and not impatiently waiting for those last second gifts to arrive at your door…

If you are, we wish you the best of luck! Try and distract yourself with a video game, like Cyberpunk 2077 (well, as long as you haven’t already sent that back too). Side note: As buggy of a launch it was, we’ve been seriously enjoying the mechanics behind the game, almost too much. They’ve seriously created something incredible (when it works)!

Personal reviews aside, it’s time we reveal a little Christmas present for all of you!

You may have caught a sneak peek on our social media channels last night, but it’s time for us to introduce our main character Marco’s new invention and your AI companion throughout UNDR[H2O]: BEEP Bot Mini V5!

It’s hard to tell in this pic but his head is a lightbulb!

Made out of spare parts Marco has laying around in his workshop, this is Marco’s fifth version of the Better Engineered in Every-way Plumbing Bot Mini. A mouthful, we know, which is why he’s called BEEP Bot Mini for short! This AI is based off the main BEEP Bot system in Marco’s basement, but reengineered by Marco to be mobile (and cooler) than it’s predecessor. BEEP Bot Mini will be an integral part to both the story of UNDR[H2O] as well as be your go to helper throughout your journey in Marco’s shoes.

Behind the scenes at GuessworkVR, we’ve been designing BEEP Bot Mini since mid-summer. We always knew our world would be filled with fun and zany personalities, but during our redesign of the story and game, we’ve decided to lean more heavily into the AI aspect of the world. The original inspiration of BEEP Bot Mini spawned from one of our team members trip to Greece where he found these hung up all around the Island of Mykonos.

As the design progressed, we decided to create a little prototype in Unity to see how it would work mechanically. After a few hours, we managed to put together a little whitebox version of him with grabbable arms which you could position how ever you’d like!

After we had some fun with our interactable prototype, we decided we wanted to take BEEP Bot Mini a step further: customizable! Since you’re Marco, you should have the ability to change up your creation, giving him new arms, legs, heads, and hats! So with that in mind, we threw the ideas over to a concept artist who was able to fully realize the character we had in our head!

Drag back and forth to see the line art vs final renders!

Once we found the design we loved, we gave off the concept art to one of our 3D artists who was able to fully realize the in-game BEEP Bot Mini you saw above. Take another look at him below in our new Basement scene (Although we’re not ready to reveal the full Basement just yet).

BEEP Bot Mini is currently in the Rigging/Animation stage as well as getting additional functionality added to his character in-game. We’re also in the end stages of recording BEEP Bot mini’s dialogue with one of our favorite voice actors we were able to bring back into the fold. She worked with us in the early days of UNDR[H2O] and we’re excited to have her back in the recording booth!

That’s all for now! We’ll be going radio silent until the first Friday of the new year!

Have a happy Holidays and New Years!

Until then,


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