Hello VR Gamers, indie dev followers, and old-fashioned gamers alike! GuessworkVR is back on the interwebs and ready to reveal what we’ve been doing the past several months!

Well…not really. That would be the plan of evil masterminds and we’re totally not into that sort of thing. But we are back and ready to share some exciting news!

GuessworkVR is currently participating in the well renowned Oculus Launch Pad program using our passion project UNDR[H2O]! Oculus Launch Pad is a program designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds with hands on training and support, so they can iterate on their unique ideas and bring them to market. One of our Co-Founders was accepted into the program alongside 100 other professionals looking to create something new and unique for not just Oculus, but the VR industry in general.

We’re excited and honored to be invited into a program looking to introduce more diverse voices into the industry. Our team has been fighting tooth and nail since the day we graduated college over four years ago and we believe UNDR[H2O] is one of those unique experiences that needs to be given a chance. We know there are probably thousands of more voices out there that deserve it just as much, so we promise we won’t take this opportunity lightly and hope to lead the way for even more developers like us to be seen.

We’ll be hard at work until the end of January in hopes to win a grant and continue pushing the development of our game into the far reaches of 2021.

Which brings us to our game: UNDR[H2O]

It’s been quite sometime since you last heard from us on the status of UNDR[H2O]. There are many reasons why: contract work, non-GuessworkVR jobs to put food on the table, and pure laziness. Our past social media manager moved on to a new, incredible opportunity working for the pro Overwatch team, the Boston Uprising (we’re rooting for you Matt!), and without his expertise, dove into our work rather than sharing it.

That doesn’t mean we stopped working…

We’re back and ready to start sharing our progress, show you behind the scenes work, and maybe even clue you into what’s happening in the City of Cloudy Day, the setting in which UNDR[H2O] takes place.

Moving forward, keep an eye out every Friday for development blogs, story drops and more as we bring YOU into the picture as we attempt to make a virtual reality experience unlike anything you’ve played before.

Hopefully, you’re wishing us luck.

If not, we’ll pretend anyway…

Until next time!

The GuessworkVR Team

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