Our story takes place in the City of Cloudy Day 15 years after the greatest plumbing disaster in the history of plumbing disasters! A water tower converting clouds into water in order to save the city from drought, broke, releasing millions of gallons of water on the citizens below. Five plumbers saved the city and many lives on that fateful day, becoming the famous Plumber Heroes, who now lead a new generation of plumber heroes, protecting the city from future disasters for years to come. You play as Marco, a teenager who’s dream has always been to become a plumber hero.

What’s stopping him you may ask?

He’s the son of the most infamous Supervillain the Plumber Heroes had ever faced: The mastermind behind the plumbing incident all those years ago.

Despite his Mother’s (and the public’s) wishes, Marco has taught himself how to tinker, code, and soon, hopes to learn how to become a plumber himself, but not before stumbling upon a mystery about his late father. One which could change the entire landscape of the City of Cloudy Day as they know it.

Through the story mode, jump into a detailed world, full of bizarre creatures, zany inventions, and 90s sci-fi galore! Discover a city with 200 years of history where water is gold and how the people of Cloudy Day have evolved the city through every day life, business practices, and politics. Immerse yourself in Marco’s story and follow his journey of hopefully becoming the greatest Plumber Hero to ever live.

Each level in UNDR[H20] will also double as an endless mode game! Defend the room using the tools provided, unlock upgrades, and climb the leaderboards as you put your plumbing abilities to the test!

UNDR[H2O] has been in on/off development for the past few years, winning numerous awards such as “Most Innovative Game” at GDEX 2018 and “Crowd Favorite” at the Business of Games Expo and Ohio University in 2017. This game is currently our core project and in active development! Stay tuned!

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