In February of 2019, we were reached out to by Nowstalgic Toys about their brand new super-soaker they were premiering at the 2019 NY Toy Fair. They were excited about showcasing the water gun on the show floor but there was one issue, they couldn’t be shooting actual water guns inside the fair! The solution: Build a Virtual Reality demo and give the fair-goers the opportunity to give the One Second Soaker a spin.

We had less than 72 hours to get the project finished in time for the fair so we used a combo of our own custom built assets as well as purchased assets. We used Unity and the VRTK framework to build out the interactions for this experience. Although we were asked to just show how the toy works, we couldn’t help ourselves but turn it into a little game!

In the demo, you get to have some fun and shoot gnomes hiding throughout the yard, shooting as many as you can within the time limit! This project was fun and quite the time crunch, but it took the One Second Soakers booth to the next level at the 2019 NYC Toy Fair.

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