In 2017, we helped develop a prototype for a new toy called “Connect-A-Sketch”; A futuristic spin on the iconic “Etch-A-Sketch”. This version of the toy connects to an iPad using a Bluetooth connection and provides input through an internal Arduino. The core development reason behind “Connect-A-Sketch” started with the question “What is the most difficult part about using an “Etch-A-Sketch”? Drawing great images! ZEROBRANCH believed they had an answer to that question brought us onto this project to develop the app portion of this conceptual toy.

The main mode we developed is called Etch-A-Mazing, which as you may have guessed, is based on navigating mazes. For the prototype, we conceptualized and brought to life two different mazes, envisioning the final project would have as many as 24, split between different worlds by theme. By turning the knobs on the “Connect-A-Sketch”, the player could change the position of the camera in the game, allowing you to navigate your way through the maze. If solved correctly, you would look down at your real-life toy and see you drew a picture representing the maze itself! (i.e. a castle Maze results in the drawing of a castle!)

Through the mazes, you had to dodge obstacles, find collectibles, and attempt to beat the maze in the shortest time possible to unlock new items to use in the 2nd game mode: Copy Cat.

Copy cat serves as the creative tool for those who want to take their etch-a-sketching to the next level! Draw something cool on your “Connect-A-Sketch” as it mirrors onto the iPad screen. You can then edit your drawing to add more than you ever could on an old fashion “Etch-A-Sketch”, such as:

  • Changing the color of the line drawing
  • Adding stickers earned by playing Etch-A-Mazing
  • Changing the drawing’s background with patterns earned by playing Etch-A-Mazing
  • Sharing the artwork on social media

We completed this project in Unity and built it for both iOS and Android, working remotely as a team spread through Ohio and Pennsylvania. We combined art purchased from the asset with our team’s own art to create all of the assets necessary to complete the project. All menus, 2D animations, and effects were created in-house.

For a media kit including photos, images, gifs, and videos of the Connect-A-Sketch project, click this link to our Dropbox.

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