Introducing UNDR[H2O]

UNDR[H2O] (pronounced “underwater”) is a first-person adventure all about using your skill as a master plumber to save the city of Cloudy Day from the sinister Plumber Co., a water supply monopoly that has a stranglehold on the citizens. Team up with a secret plumbing organization and go undercover to take down Plumber Co., save Clearwater Lake from drying up, and rightfully return free access to the crystal clear water to the people of Cloudy Day.


In UNDR[H2O], you’ll use the tools and objects around you to manipulate water, keep it from flooding rooms, and to further your way through the game. Conventional tools like wrenches, hammers, and duct tape will help you along, and other non-traditional objects such as corks and bubblegum will come in handy as well. In-game characters will describe tasks and point you towards the next step of your quest to help you move through the story. As you progress, more mechanics will come into play, either making situations more challenging or moving you forward in the story. Since this is virtual reality, you’ll be able to interact with many random objects, giving you ways outside of gameplay to explore the world of UNDR[H2O].


In a world where plumbers are superheroes, you play as a jobless young adult still living in his parents’ basement. Your dream of becoming a plumber died with your childhood…or so you thought. One day, you’re called to action when a pipe bursts in your basement and the city’s plumbing company, Plumber Co., doesn’t answer the phone. With water starting to collect in the corners of the basement, all hope is lost until a mysterious voice comes through the phone line with an answer: You become the plumber you’ve always wanted to be and save your own basement. What happens next is the first step in the epic adventure of becoming a true plumber hero.

Endless Mode

Each main level of our game will also feature an endless mode where you can put your ultimate plumbing abilities to the test. Compete on leaderboards as you try your best to stop the room from filling with water for as long as you can. Look out for your first taste of UNDR[H2O] in the “Endless Demo” coming later this year!